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Celebrate the Life CD

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

One Day

Zoe on the day we met
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One Day

V 1 One day not so long ago, I was born
In a land oh so far away
For reasons I may never know, she left me
In a place where I would be found

One day can change it all, all I have ever known
I just hope that I understand one day

V 2 One day, I was tiny still, she held me
In a way that I would feel safe
So many other babies there, one day I learned
I would have to do without

V 3 One day, in a crowded room, she hugged me
I was scared, how my world would change
Tear drops fell from my eyes.  I didn’t know
Just how much, she loved me

V 4 One day, many years had passed, now I belong
My forever family
I thought back to the many days that changed my life
And now I finally know.

One day can change it all, all I have ever known
I knew that I would understand one day.
I just knew that I would understand one day. 

Beth Gore © 2007

Someone Pick Me

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Verse 1 by Kaley, 8
Someone Pick Me

Someone pick me I’m a happy child
I’ll be real sweet and I’m funny
I won’t make a mess, won’t get in the way
I won’t be too loud, I don’t cry much
Someone pick me

Love’s my dream, love’s my hope
I don’t think it’s too much to ask

(v2) No one’s picked me, I’m a faceless child
What’s wrong with me, do you see me?
The rest of the girls and all of the boys
Have Mommy’s and Daddy’s to love them,
But not me     (CHORUS)

(v3) Is today the day I’ve been longing to see
I’ll have what I want, someone to love me
I’ll sleep tonight and I’ll dream my dream
Someone sees me and they love me,
Someone picks me     (CHORUS)
© 2008 Bethlei Gore

Bread of Life

The Bread of Life

(v1)  Long ago there was bread in the House of God

It gave way to things of men, not the work of God

But the message lingered on, “Bread is in God’s house”

Every one who came to see, they would leave without  (but)


Je sus  came to earth, the firstfruit of all

Je  sus  the   bread of life, eat of Him and live

Jesus, the lamb of God, the Savior of all

Jesus is wanting you, do you hear the call?  Do you hear the call?

(v2)  Hungry souls needing God looking for some bread

Leave God’s house hungry still, they are never fed

We cloud the way and make it hard, calling it God’s will

The message from long ago, is the message still  (that) 

(v3)  Visit prisoners, clothe the poor, feed the hungry

Preach the gospel, mend the hearts, set the captives free

Give to those with heavy hearts, a garment of praise

Then there’s bread once again, in the latter days

Beth Gore © 2006

Friday, September 17, 2010

You Cared For Me

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You Cared For Me

I am hungry and I am thirsty
And I have no clothes to keep me warm
And I’m scared, nobody’s there to care for me

Where is my Mommy and where is my Daddy
I’m so confused who will take care of me
Where did they go?  I don’t know who loves me

My eyes have seen things that little eyes should not see
My ears have heard things that make me cry
Who to trust?  I don’t know who cares for me

Don’t talk to strangers is one thing I’ve learned
Now there’s no one around me that I even know
What to do?  Where to go?  I don’t know

You walked up to me and you smiled at me softly
And said that you made me some food I could eat
I’m not sure, nobody’s yet been kind to me

You gave me a toy and you read me a story
You saw I was scared so you held to me tight
I feel alone “cause I’m not home.  So who loves me

Now I am older, the years have gone quickly
I won’t soon forget all the things that you did
All the love that I felt you give to me

I open my arms and my heart to those just like me
I share my food, my love, my heart like you
Every day I repay what was done for me

It’s time that I thanked you by sharing my story
And thousands like you who gave me a chance
Now I know how to love.  You cared for me.

Beth Gore ©2008

You're an Angel

Click this link to watch a music video of this song.  These are some sleeping angels (all adopted).

You’re an Angel

I watch you as I’m singing this lullaby
And I think to myself
I know, you’re an angel

You inspire the angels to sing
The joy that you bring
You’re an angel
So sleep, my peaceful angel

I watch you as you’re breathing and you look up at me
The sparkle in your eyes
I know you’re an angel


I watch you, you’re enchanting as you close your eyes
And as you drift off to sleep
I know, you’re an angel

Sleep, my angel

Beth Gore © 2008

You Lead Me Through

You Lead Me Through     

I open my eyes to take on the day
You’re my first thought
‘cause I can’t face the day without You
What do You have in store for today?
I’ll follow you  Each and every step of the way

Pillar of cloud by day
Pillar of fire by night
You lead me through
The darkness and the wilderness of my life

I am amazed at how You see me
I am just dust
But Your plan of salvation includes me
You sent Your Son to die for me
I owe my life  So I try every day to follow

Wherever You go, I go
Wherever You stay, I stay
You lead me through
The mountains and the valleys of my life

You were there the day I was born
Before my first breath
You knew everything about me
You gave me life and now it’s my job
To praise every day  And to give all the glory to You

Pillar of cloud by day  Pillar of fire by night
You lead me through The darkness and the wilderness of my life

I close my eyes at the end of the day
You’re my last thought
‘cause You’ve been right beside me all day
And as I drift off to sleep
You let me know  You are standing guard over me

Wherever You go, I go
Wherever You stay, I stay
You lead me through
The mountains and the valleys of my life

© 2008 Beth Gore


I wanted to write a song capturing how God is there from the time I wake up till I go to sleep.  I grew up with the old testament symbols of God like: pillar of cloud by day, pillar of fire by night.  I know He leads us through symbolic places like darkness, wilderness, mountains and valleys.  Somehow that’s comforting. 

Way Back Home

The Way Back Home

(v1)  I’ve been alone, I’ve been afraid, and scared of You

Where should I go, who can I trust, what to do

I am lost, please show me the way back home

(v2)  Here I am Lord, empty again, I’m on my knees

I seek Your face, I seek Your way, Your will indeed

I am lost, and You are the way back home  

And when I arrive, You’re there for me

Your outstretched arms, reaching out for me

I’ve been found again, like I was never lost

And I know, that’s where I want to be

(v3)  I’m not alone, I’m not afraid or scared of You

You’re where I go, You I can trust, I’m loving You

I was lost, and You showed the way back home.

(v4)  I am back Lord, hopeful again, I’m on Your knees

I love Your face, I love Your way, You indeed

I was lost, and You were the way back home

And when I arrive, You’re there for me

Your outstretched arms, reaching out for me

I’ve been found again, like I was never lost

And I know, You’re where I want to be                                        Beth Gore © 2006


Like the modern day "Prodigal Son".  Sometimes we stray far from God.  Other times we're just a bit distant.  Either way, we find ourselves at times needing to come back home.  And just like the Father in the Biblical account, God is always there with His arms outstretched. 

I love how the second verse shows the exact opposite of everything in the first verse.  And that's what God does with our lives.  He takes death and gives us life.  He takes the hopeless and gives us joy.  

The concept of God being our "Home" is also interesting to me.  Instead of "home" being a destination, "home" is a relationship with the Father. 

Canvas of the Sky

Click on this link to see a music video of this song:

The Canvas of the Sky

Consider all the ways the shades of gold and blue
Mix across the open sky in every shade and hue
The trees that grow so mighty, reaching towards the sky
The mountains standing proudly, ascending up on high

Who is the artist, with paintbrush in hand
Creating beauty across the land
Who is the artist, a constant supply
Of splendor and majesty on the canvas of the sky

The morning’s rising sun, declaring all is new
The stillness in the air, the early misty dew
The power of the ocean, the waves who all return
The rivers and the streams, new views at every turn


The moon hung in the dark, the starry sky at night
The sun in all its glory giving off its light
The lion and the lamb, the birds up in the air
Everything that takes a breath, a baby so fair

Chorus x 2

Beth Gore © 2008


Ever noticed the sky?  I mean, REALLY notice the sky?  I was on a long road trip where I saw many sunrises, many sunsets, skylines, trees ... and it struck me.  Even if I didn't believe in a Creator God, I think I would be struck by the artwork that is displayed daily in the world around me. 

So I asked the question, "Who is the artist?" 

Romans 1:20 says,
20For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse.

In other words, the creation points to a Creator.  And He displays this handiwork across the canvas of the sky. 

Celebrate the Life of Every Child

Celebrate the Life of Every Child

Every breath is a gift. Every day a new hope
Every life is a promise. Every child a miracle

(Chorus) Each night brings a dream, each morning a new chance
The world will be a better place when we celebrate the life of every child

Every baby is a belief.  Just take a look you’ll see paradise
Every smile is a treasure, so celebrate the miracle of life


The orphaned boy who’s all alone, the little girl who takes no breath
The little baby with AIDS who’s dying, how long can we turn our back on them?

(Tag) We can make a difference
We can give it a try

From the children who live in our homes, to the ones far across the sea
It’s our job, it’s our purpose to celebrate each and every life

(Tag) We can make a difference
We can give it a try
I will make a difference
I will give it a try

Beth Gore © 2008


As a mother to special needs kids and the director of an orphanage with special needs kids, I am keenly aware that some lives are valued and some are not.  And quite frankly, I am not OK with that. 

Matthew 25 tells us specifically that we are to care for the "least".  That we are to clothe and feed and visit.  It's one of the only places in the Bible where God tells us that if we don't do these things, it's as if He never knew us.  He said it's one of the keys of entering His kingdom or being banished into darkness. 

So how is it that so many babies are dying?  Uncelebrated?  Unnoticed? 

I truly believe that one of our main goals for life is to Celebrate Every Life. 

Catch My Tears

Catch My Tears

You have given and You have taken
I held a miracle right in my hands and then it vanished.

I was angry and I turned bitter
I felt so hopeless that I blamed my pain all on You, Lord

So I was lonely and I was broken
I felt so desperate that I turned my face away from You Lord

You held my hand and helped me stand
You calmed my fears and caught my tears

‘Cause the truth is that You love me
You have a purpose for my life and you are shaping me Lord

You’re there in good times, you’re there in bad times
You’re there whenever I have needed You Lord all my life and

You’re there beside me, you’ve never left me
You’ve captured every tear that fell and You have kept them with You

You hold my hand and help me stand
You calm my fears and catch my tears

Beth Gore ©2004

Psalm 56:8


I was sitting in my bedroom, staring at the empty crib.  The baby had died.  I felt lost.  During the middle of this I just wanted to pour out my heart to God, to cry to Him and show Him how empty I felt.  As I wrote the song, the tears poured.  The first verse was about the pain.  And as I sat there, the second verse just "came to me".  It was as if God answered.  He reminded me that He never left me. 

It wasn't until after I had completed writing the song that I first shared it with my husband, Dan.  After I sang it to him, he said, "You know that's a Psalm, right?"  Uh, no. I did not. 

Sure enough.  Psalm 56:8 says,
"8 You number my wanderings;
         Put my tears into Your bottle;
         Are they not in Your book?

Wow!  I have no clue what God does with these tears.  But the truth is that they matter to Him.  They count for SOMETHING.  And that gives me great comfort knowing He is there for us during every season of our lives. 

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