Friday, September 17, 2010

Catch My Tears

Catch My Tears

You have given and You have taken
I held a miracle right in my hands and then it vanished.

I was angry and I turned bitter
I felt so hopeless that I blamed my pain all on You, Lord

So I was lonely and I was broken
I felt so desperate that I turned my face away from You Lord

You held my hand and helped me stand
You calmed my fears and caught my tears

‘Cause the truth is that You love me
You have a purpose for my life and you are shaping me Lord

You’re there in good times, you’re there in bad times
You’re there whenever I have needed You Lord all my life and

You’re there beside me, you’ve never left me
You’ve captured every tear that fell and You have kept them with You

You hold my hand and help me stand
You calm my fears and catch my tears

Beth Gore ©2004

Psalm 56:8


I was sitting in my bedroom, staring at the empty crib.  The baby had died.  I felt lost.  During the middle of this I just wanted to pour out my heart to God, to cry to Him and show Him how empty I felt.  As I wrote the song, the tears poured.  The first verse was about the pain.  And as I sat there, the second verse just "came to me".  It was as if God answered.  He reminded me that He never left me. 

It wasn't until after I had completed writing the song that I first shared it with my husband, Dan.  After I sang it to him, he said, "You know that's a Psalm, right?"  Uh, no. I did not. 

Sure enough.  Psalm 56:8 says,
"8 You number my wanderings;
         Put my tears into Your bottle;
         Are they not in Your book?

Wow!  I have no clue what God does with these tears.  But the truth is that they matter to Him.  They count for SOMETHING.  And that gives me great comfort knowing He is there for us during every season of our lives. 

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