Friday, September 17, 2010

Celebrate the Life of Every Child

Celebrate the Life of Every Child

Every breath is a gift. Every day a new hope
Every life is a promise. Every child a miracle

(Chorus) Each night brings a dream, each morning a new chance
The world will be a better place when we celebrate the life of every child

Every baby is a belief.  Just take a look you’ll see paradise
Every smile is a treasure, so celebrate the miracle of life


The orphaned boy who’s all alone, the little girl who takes no breath
The little baby with AIDS who’s dying, how long can we turn our back on them?

(Tag) We can make a difference
We can give it a try

From the children who live in our homes, to the ones far across the sea
It’s our job, it’s our purpose to celebrate each and every life

(Tag) We can make a difference
We can give it a try
I will make a difference
I will give it a try

Beth Gore © 2008


As a mother to special needs kids and the director of an orphanage with special needs kids, I am keenly aware that some lives are valued and some are not.  And quite frankly, I am not OK with that. 

Matthew 25 tells us specifically that we are to care for the "least".  That we are to clothe and feed and visit.  It's one of the only places in the Bible where God tells us that if we don't do these things, it's as if He never knew us.  He said it's one of the keys of entering His kingdom or being banished into darkness. 

So how is it that so many babies are dying?  Uncelebrated?  Unnoticed? 

I truly believe that one of our main goals for life is to Celebrate Every Life. 

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